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Curriculum Vitae
STAT 111

Curriculum Vitae

Updated on July 12, 2022. Many items are copied from the CV I used for college applications and may be removed after graduating.


Harvard University (Cambridge, MA. Class of 2023). A.B. Candidate, Statistics. Secondary: Linguistics. A complete list of classes is here.

Named a Phi Beta Kappa scholar in Spring 2022 (Junior 24).

Hathaway Brown High School (Shaker Heights, OH. Class of 2019). Alumnae Scholar (highest GPA), Strnad Fellow, Virginia Osborne Charman Award in English, Saltzman Family Excellence in Science Research Award


Research Assistant at the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics (Aug 2021-). I conduct research on the genome of M. tuberculosis with Dr. Megan Murray and under the mentorship of Dr. Chuan-Chin Huan. I am currently working on a genome-wide analysis study (GWAS) to detect SNPs associated with worse outcome in a sample of TB patients from Peru. My summer research has been funded by HCRP.

At the CCDD, I both conduct research and serve as Communications Assistant. See: Work.

Research Assistant at the Gow Lab, Massachusetts General (Jan 2020-Aug 2021). Used machine learning models for neural decoding. SVMs used in order to detect word recognition in trained neural networks. Abstract accepted to Society for the Neurobiology of Language 2020 and Psychonomics 2020.

Research Assistant at von Recum Lab, Case Western Reserve University (Jan 2016-May 2019). First author. Using QSARs for predictions in drug delivery. Currently available as a preprint; DOI: Work in progress. Documentation can be found on QSARR.

Research Assistant at Zhou Lab, Case Western Reserve University (Jun 2015-Aug 2016, Jun 2022-Aug 2022). Co-author. Notch2 Blockade Enhances Hematopoietic Stem Cell Mobilization and Homing; Haematologica October 2017 102: 1785-1795; DOI: 10.3324/haematol.2017.168674


Citations can be found on ORCID.

  1. Gene M. Dubowchik, Charles M. Conway, Alison W. Xin. Blocking the CGRP Pathway for Acute and Preventive Treatment of Migraine: The Evolution of Success. J. Med. Chem. 2020; 63(13); 6600-6623;
  2. Weihuan Wang, Shuiliang Yu, Jay Myers, Yiwei Wang, William W. Xin, Marwah Albakri, Alison W. Xin, Ming Li, Alex Y. Huang, Wei Xin, Christian W. Siebel, Hillard M. Lazarus, Lan Zhou. Notch2 blockade enhances hematopoietic stem cell mobilization and homing. Haematologica 2017;102(10):1785-1795;


Cleveland Big Data Meetup (Mar 2018). The Cleveland Hadoop group invited me to speak about my research in predicting polymer-drug interactions using statistical models.

Cleveland Progressive Insurance (Jun 2018). This presentation for Progressive employees focused on my experience as a high-school researcher.


Communications Assistant at the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics (Aug 2021-). As Communications Assistant at the CCDD, I manage the Center’s website and social media presence. This includes designing publication material, regularly posting publication updates, tracking media mentions, and collecting and distributing material for the annual Infectious Disease Epidemiology Spring Seminar Series.

At the CCDD, I both conduct research and serve as Communications Assistant. See: Research.

Business Development Intern at Biohaven Pharmaceuticals (May 2019-). I assist with scientific diligence, analysis of possible business opportunities, and literature review.


Teaching Fellow for STAT 111 (Introduction to Statistics) (Jan 2021-Jun 2021. Jan 2022-May 2022).

Teaching Fellow for STAT 110 (Introduction to Probability) (Jun 2021-Dec 2021).

Harvard SPLASH Instructor (Apr 2021). Remote class for high school students. The class, titled Puzzles in Probability, focused on introducing probability theory through counter-intuitive examples, such as the Birthday Problem and St. Petersburg’s Paradox.

HSYLC Student Leader (Aug 2020, Aug 2021, Aug 2022). HSYLC-X provides a liberal arts experience for middle- and high-school students in China. As an SL, I taught seminars for the students, which consisted of two lecture cohorts lasting six days.

Seminars focused on cognitive biases, morality, rationality, and effective altruism. The 2020 seminar was titled Mentality, Misery, and Morality and the 2021 seminar was titled How to Save the World.

Teaching Fellow for CS50 (Introduction to Computer Science) (Jun 2020-Dec 2020).


Arete Fellowship Chair of Harvard College Effective Altruism (May 2021-). The Arete Fellowship is an introduction to effective altruism and is composed of weekly discussion sections, assigned readings, workshops, and a capstone project. We also offer a virtual summer program that condenses meetings into two meetings per week for three weeks. As Fellowship Chair, I organize the Fellowship, modify the syllabus, and reach out to Fellows in order to continuously improve the experience. More information on the Arete Fellowship can be found here.

In addition to the Arete, I help with general club leadership, including community outreach and developing future strategy for the club.

President of Harvard Breakers (May 2021-). Harvard Breakers is the premier streetdance and freestyle club at Harvard.

As President, I am responsible for most of the club logistics, including hosting regular open practices on campus. It is important to acknowledge that breaking is based in broader hip hop culture and to not forget the roots of the art. Therefore, students who are introduced to breaking through college clubs should work with the broader dance community, and I facilitate this through keeping the club in contact with local dancers who have been in the scene for years. Our main collaborators are The Flavor Continues, based in Cambridge.

I organize two national breaking competitions - Battle for Boston in the fall, and Breakeasy in the spring.

Battle for Boston 2021 was co-hosted by The Flavor Continues. The event had 130 attendants and 20 teams. Schools represented included Columbia, Dartmouth, MIT, Northeastern, Penn State, Princeton, Rutgers, Tufts, UConn, UMass Lowell, and UMass Boston.

Breakeasy 8 (March 26th, 2022) was also co-hosted by The Flavor Continues and received support from Red Bull. The event had 200 registered attendees and more than 30 teams.

Design Chair of Adams House Committee (Jan 2021-). I design merchandise, flyers, and publications for Adams House.

Statistics Tema Member of Datamatch (Aug 2020-). I create D3 visualization of analytics for Datamatch (e.g., average matches per person, sorted by school and year).

Harvard Financial Analysts Club - Quant (Mar 2020-).


President of the Genius Bar at Hathaway Brown (25 hours) (2017-2019). The HB Genius Bar is a student-run division of the IT department assisting both students and staff.

University Hospital’s Summer Youth Volunteer Program (31 hours) (2017). Staffed welcome desk, greeting and directing patients and visitors

Ella Karasik Piano Studio Community Outreach (12 hours) (2015-2019). Participated in community outreach musical performances

Library Volunteer in the Hathaway Brown Geisel Center (13.5 hours) (2017-2019). Assisted with book circulation and library events.

Awards and Designations


I am classically trained and taught by Ella Karasik in Beachwood, OH. Performed four times at Carnegie Hall at winner’s recitals, invited for a fifth.