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Curriculum Vitae
STAT 111


A nice gallery display has proven to be a headache, so this page is not going to be a UI/UX masterpiece.

I do graphic design commissions, including for the Harvard Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Club, Harvard Financial Analysts Club (HFAC), and the National Collegiate Breaking Association.

Adams Winter Formal (2021)
Digital, Adobe Illustrator. One of my few entirely vector illustrations I've completed. Inspired by Art Deco style in order to fit the theme of "The Great Gatsby". Putting aside my opinion on whether the theme was in good taste, the poster turned out well.

Adams Orientation (2021)
Digital illustration in Ibis Paint, Krita. Adams has five main houses - Apthorp, Russell, Randolph, Westmorly, and Claverly - but only the student residences (Apthorp House is for the faculty deans) are included here.

Harvard Breakers Logo (2021)
Digital illustration in Ibis Paint. Modified from the 2020 Breakers hoodie design.

Battle for Boston (2021)
Digital illustration in Krita, Adobe Illustrator. Handstyle logo. Background is layered concrete and paint textures.

Adams Housing Day (2021)
Digital illustration in Ibis Paint, Krita. Shirt design for Adams Housing Day. Inspired by the Adams tunnels, which will be destroyed in renovations. Getting the imagery dense enough for the Adams Crest to be obvious was a challenge.

Adams Lunar New Year (2021)
Digital illustration in Ibis Paint. Adams Lunar New Year Zoom background. Design features the main Adams gate and imitates red paper art. I created variations on this design, but this color combination shows the most detail.

Breakers Hoodie (2020)
Digital illustration in Krita, Adobe Illustrator. Breaking is a broader part of hip hop culture, which also includes writing (graffiti), DJing, and rapping. This design incorporates handstyle and wildstyle. Looking back, it looks toy (beginner, poser).

Chocoholica (2021)
Digital illustration in Ibis Paint, Adobe Illustrator. Pub material for an Adams Carpe.

Room (2019)
Ballpoint pen illustration colored digitally in Krita. Submitted to HB in Retrospect 2019, and The Wave 2019.

Chrysanthemum (2018)
Watercolor on watercolor paper, 9x9".

Hangzhou (2017)
Acrylic on stretched canvas, 18x24".

Waterfront (2017)
Two 4x4" acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. The reference photo was likely the same as the reference for Hangzhou.