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Yappy Hew Near! (770 words). 01 Jan 2023.

When I figured out that I could make significant changes to my life at any time of the year, New Year’s Resolutions lost their luster. But in honor of my worst year on record (age 5 is probably a top contender, but I don’t really remember it), feeling like I’m wiping the slate clean seems nice.

Criticizing the Webtoon "The Boxer" and Christian allegory (2690 words). 30 Dec 2022.

Spoilers for the The Boxer, written and illustrated by Jung Ji-hoon and available at Webtoons. This commentary follows the main story and does not touch on the spinoff after Chapter 115, “Ill-fated Relationship”.

Notes on different blogging platforms (540 words). 10 Dec 2022.

I delayed blogging because I couldn’t decide on the correct platform. Eventually I decided that I might as well start somewhere because I wanted to achieve consistency in writing more than popularity, reach, aesthetics, etc., and staying on the platform question would waste time addressing the latter at the cost of the former.

What does a better world look like? (470 words). 09 Dec 2022.

I don’t have a good coherent philosophical model of what an ideal world would look like, so I wanted to start building toward that by listing things that I would like to happen.