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aLxove (pronounced alcove) is a small niche to store writing, info, art, etc.


Why does the name look like that?

I stylize my name as “aL” to avoid sans serif ambiguities with “AI”. This has been a recurring problem for an aL interested in artificial intelligence. Lowercase “xin” is because I think it looks nicer.

Why does the site look like that?

aLxove is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and many sections are still missing. If anyone knows how to use blog tagging in Jekyll, please reach out.

I use the solarized palette for heading colors and the Jekyll theme modernist by orderedlist.

About Me

I am a senior at Harvard College studying Statistics with a secondary in Linguistics. I am planning to apply to an MD-PhD program with a research focus in epidemiology, machine learning, immunology, longevity, or some fifth unspecified thing.

At Harvard, I am Program Director for Harvard Effective Altruism (HEA), President of Harvard Breakers, and Design Chair on the Adams House Committee. I am Research and Communications Assistant for the Harvard Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics (CCDD), where I conduct research with the Murray lab under the mentorship of Chuan-Chin Huang. This Fall, I am a teaching fellow for STAT 210: Probability I.

I have previously been a teaching fellow for CS50, STAT110, and STAT111. STAT 110.

In Spring 2023, I will return as a teaching fellow for STAT111.

I do commissioned graphic design work, so please reach out if interested. I’ve been accidentally charging below market value, so please don’t try to fleece me.


I have an (optionally) anonymous feedback form here.

You can follow me on Twitter at @al_xin.